Laclede Fluoride Foam: Shake before each use. Hold bottle perpendicular (bottom side up) to the tray, and dispense foam slowly, moving nozzle along inside tray.

CAUTION: Federal law prohibits dispensing without prescription.

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How long has Laclede Fluoride Foam been on the market?
Laclede was the first company to develop Topical Fluoride Foam approximately 10 years ago.

What Fluoride Foam flavors are available?
There are seven different flavors.

Is Laclede Fluoride Foam ADA accepted?
Yes, Laclede Fluoride Foam is the only ADA accepted fluoride foam on the market today.

What is the shelf life of the foam?
Two and a half years.

How many applications can I expect from 1 can of foam?
Depending on tray size One hundred applications can be expected if the product is dispensed properly.


How long is the uptake for the Laclede fluoride foam?
Actual uptake is sixty seconds long

How should I store Laclede fluoride foam?
Laclede fluoride foam should be stored at room temperature in an upright position. Never store foam in a position other than upright.

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